Toeing the line


Toe watch, day three.

My philosophy on living creatures is simple; I’ve espoused it here many times: All living things deserve the right to live out their lives in happiness and without interference – in their proper habitat.

Generally, a locked door provides all the deterrence any two-legged living creature needs to know that my home is not their proper habitat. Occasionally, multi-legged things have a problem recognizing that principle.

Recently, I’ve had an issue with Jeremy-type ants. I had the front window resealed and the front door reseated and still, somehow, I have a few uninvited guests. Most of them are dead (or dying) so I would have hoped they would figure out not to venture here, but, that’s as may.

Last Saturday night, I was startled from my sleep by the certainty I was being munched on by ants. I leapt out of bed to hit the light and hit the door instead – directly on with my foot.

Yes, we all know what that feels like. This time, I was sure, that I must have broken a toe in the process.

Hopping (figuratively) into the way-back machine, the last time I had an “event” like this was in college, nearly 40 years ago. That time, it was the metal bed leg and the little toe. It was a complete break that was only saved by the fact that I wore patent leather shoes most of the time (long story, it’s probably somewhere in the blog, though, if you’re interested in searching).

Naturally, rather than playing it safe, I went out for a walk with a friend Sunday morning (I hadn’t seen her in a while and, well, I figured I would be manly).

I’ve been studying the toe to see if it shows the tell-tale signs of a break. So far, not bad. It’s turned deep red, but not purple. There’s no swelling and the pain is pretty much gone unless I plant on it hard (which I don’t do, I’m not totally dense).

I’ll give it another couple of days and if the color fades and the toe (middle, this time) starts to take my full weight without barking, I’ll assume it was just a mean stub (really mean) and not a full-on break.

Otherwise, it’s back to the doctor for the inevitable x-ray. Meh.

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