Recently, I was upbraided by a good friend about a recent post on Donald Trump. He contended that I had underreported about the “toadies” Mr. Trump has hired and established in positions of political significance.

For the purposes of that blog post, that was never my interest. But I understand and appreciate the concerns my friend has about Mr. Trump’s group of advisers. In fact, I share many of those concerns.

But it’s still not my intention to investigate, educate or otherwise expound on those so-called toadies.

Anyone who reads my blog, even semi-regularly, knows my leanings fairly well. Let me lay those out clearly and quickly, so we can move on.

I don’t care for Donald Trump. I think he is a lout and a bully. I believe his view of the position of the President of the United States is simplistic and naive…and that makes him dangerous in my view. The people he has chosen to surround himself with range from discouraging to despicable.

And nothing I’ve mentioned above will change a single person’s mind who reads it.

That doesn’t mean I’m against the conversation (and have had a few already on it), just to point out that I “lost” the election, along with tens of millions of others of my leanings.

Some of those people cry out that America lost the election. Except, 46% of that America doesn’t feel that way, so that outcry is in itself naive, or worse, self-centered.

I’ve seen plenty of expressions of opinions on social media where each side absolutely professes the truth of their position and labels unbelievers as idiots (or worse). Neither right nor left have acted with class since the results in November.

For those that cheer Mr. Trump, it’s likely shortsighted to think America can be “Great Again”, in the sense of their longing for past American supremacy. The rest of the world has advanced mightily in manufacturing, technology and trade. We simply don’t have that much power internationally anymore and we’ll soon find out we need “them” more than they need us.

For those that bemoan the destruction of American values and repression of our liberties, you should have gotten out the vote. Some of the states Mr. Trump won were by thin margins in the thousands. Convincing a friend or (say it ain’t so) voting yourself would have had more impact than after-the-fact whining.

Recently, I was engaged in a couple of discussions on social media. One was on the ACA (Obamacare) and the other was on whether you can have morality without religion. Interestingly, the discussion about religion turned out to be the rational and genteel one.

It points out the critical fact that many people use a single point to rationalize their positions and choices. We do it in relationships, we do it in our jobs and we do it when choosing who to elect.

Rail all you want, bring to the table all the facts you want, but if you are unable to sway the person on that one rationalized point, you will not be able to sway them at all. For them, a hundred bad things are immaterial as long as they are provided the one thing they want (no immigrants, no abortions, no social welfare, to name a few on the right).

My blog posts are read by too few to be a forum for social change or education. It doesn’t mean I won’t broach a topical subject every now and then, but I have no interest in being a bully pulpit. I relish the low-pressure advantage of a small readership.

But, yeah, there are some scary toadies hopping around the White House these days.

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