To all things an ending


Six and a half years. It’s not a lot, but it might be more than other people get. Regardless, it’s all the time I had and despite some regrets and mistakes along the way, it’s something I can make peace with.

Amazon has stopped offering my paperbacks for sale.

Oh, copies are still available through the ubiquitous “third-party sellers”. Those would be the ones who got copies that have been read, gifted or resold giveaway copies and books obtained from a secondary source.

There are also “retailers” who “sell” the book for prices well in excess of its actual cover price. These are likely listings culled direct from the distributor listings and have no actual inventory. If someone is reckless enough to order at such an inflated price, the “retailer” can just one-off order it and make a bundle.

My publisher (Booklocker) will continue to offer and sell the paperbacks and both Booklocker and Amazon will always offer the e-book, since there is no inventory, ordering or shipping necessary.

I can see the sense of it from Amazon’s perspective. The books net a couple of sales a year. Amazon doesn’t “own” it (I didn’t publish through them) and they have 8,000,000 books to “carry”.

If I’m not going to help it (market it, run sales, etc.), then Amazon has the right (and possibly the responsibility) to cull their listings.

Ironically, this occurs just as I’m preparing to get back to writing. Who knows, perhaps a new issuance will spur a re-listing of the old books. Either way, it’s unlikely to create more sales. No one can do that but me (other than some good old-fashioned word of mouth).

So, my Amazon adventure comes to a close. As with all things, there is an inevitable ending.

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