Time to refresh my fencing skills


The week ends, but my Halloween work does not. Once more unto the breach go I. First up, every year, is the “fence gang”, the string of scary dudes adorning my front picket fence. Upon opening the box, I came across a stark discovery. It is time to refresh my fencing skills.

Year after year

The good thing about a storage closet is that I can retain my growing collection of Halloween goods without strain (so far). That means, year after year, the Storage Room of Doom gets a little fuller.

I detailed in a previous post my lesson learned about in what order to stack all those storage containers going forward. Suffice to say, I located the fence gang stuff after a little searching (and rearranging).

No sitting on the fence here


The fence gang didn’t even take up one storage container. This concerned me enough to look at the other boxes. Nada.

With a sense of impending disaster, I carefully removed each fence gang member and began spacing them across the picket fence. Here is what I ended up with.

That’s disturbing on many levels. Foremost, as a display, it’s pathetic. Aesthetically, it’s a travesty. Obviously, this calls for immediate rectifying.

Time to refresh my fencing skills

So, after a fruitless search on Amazon (can you believe it?), I moved on to Target.


Target, which always has a generous selection of Halloween decorations, is the place where I picked up my hanging Frankie (seen near the close side of the fence). There were a couple of other great “large size” creatures, but they fell prey to age.

However, Target had nothing. Meh. Party City is my next major source of fence gang members, but I had a shopping trip to Walmart already planned. I went to the superstore instead of my local one, just in case.

They had a couple of items. Party City had a few more. And, this is what it looks like now.

I’ve strung the LED lights haphazardly, just to test the look tonight, but that will be the last piece to finish up. Hopefully, it will be some years before it is time to refresh my fencing skills again.

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