Time to hit those New Year’s resolutions



My holiday season is over, so while you have to deal with Thanksgiving (my sister’s job) and Christmas (no kids and my nieces are both grown), I can get a head start on my New Year’s resolutions.

Nothing so grand, just regular stuff. Let’s break it down into 4 big categories:

Home is where the heart is

It follows, then, that a broken home must lead to a broken heart. That’s why I’m fixing my home.

I finally collected enough “non-sexy” plumbing issues to call up a plumber to come by and fix everything. From a rocking toilet (ultimately replaced with a new one) to the guest shower having no hot water (clearly, I don’t have many guests if it went this long without), I got a bunch of stuff done (to the tune of $800+).

Next week, the screen guy will come out to replace the upper panels of my patio and the screen door. Then I can get the pressure cleaner out to do my front driveway and patio.

That should take care of everything but the potential replacement of the stackable washer/dryer, which are getting just too noisy for my tastes (but still work).

I like pears

I just don’t like to look like one.

Paying the delayed price of my Great North American Baseball Road Trip, I have to get my body back in shape, inside and out.

With a still-too-high cholesterol reading and a once-again-too-high triglycerides score, I’m resigned to moving towards a low-fat diet (forget fat-free).

As long as I can get back on my regular exercise/walking schedule, I should be able to drive down all the unhealthy numbers, including that one I see in the little window when I stand still.

Baby you can drive my car

No you can’t. No one drives it but me.

And you can’t eat in it, smoke in it and only very carefully drink in it.

Which is why my cars always look great, still get comments like “it smells like new” years later and nets me a terrific trade-in or re-sale price after 10 years.

Which is also why I’m getting those (self-inflicted) paint scratches redone at the body shop. Another lingering piece of damage from my GNABRT, when I bumped a cement cylinder at the San Diego Zoo, the repair will run me $600. Meh.

How could I not get it done, though, when the car is only 9 months old and I plan on keeping it for my usual 10 years? Right. Get it done now. No sleeping on those resolutions!

If I only had a brain

Fact is, I’ve got a darn good one. Imaginative. Creative. Active.

Once upon a time.

My brain used to compel me to fill up sketchbooks with drawings from my imagination. That same imagination compelled me to write three books. That same imagination devoured books and movies.

Time to get that thing off the sidelines and back in action. We’ll start with the most powerful motivating influence of all: reading.

Yup, it’s time for me to hit the books. Fat books, skinny books, even books on rocks (er, sorry, fell back into Armor Hot Dog time warp).

I’ll start reading with my all-time favorite author, Jack Vance, to get my mojo back and then it’s off to the races with new and unread books. Who knows, maybe writing and drawing will follow right along!

I guess my only “problem” will be, what the heck do I do on January 1st?

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