May 6, 2021

2 thoughts on “The ties that no longer bind

  1. So happy you are in a subie!!! Legacy rocks!!! Best car they make!!! You will love it for a long time!!! Much Mazel! We must go off-road sometime! We can, you know! How exciting! White? Blog shot? Hot!! Eyesight? Navi? Harmon Kardon killer sound system? Wait till you use the cruise control, its very kool! Why did’nt you mention your smart friend who recently purchased the SUV of the year 2014? Oh yeah, my reputation in the car buying arena precludes my being smart for the rest of my life! But I now own a scoobie-doo and all will be happy ever after. Goodnight Scoobie Newbie!

    1. Heh. The flat, straight roads of South Florida don’t offer the most fun for the AWD, but it’s nice the way the vehicle hugs turns.

      About the only off-road left here is the ocean and I don’t think even Subaru has worked out that ride yet.

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