Thursday looks to be the day

Thursday looks to be the day - neither rain, nor sun nor spinny weather formations can stop me from setting up for Halloween.

After yesterday’s diversion, it’s time to address the really serious issue upcoming this month – Halloween! Though the Atlantic just spawned more potential concerns nearby, I can tarry no longer. Thursday looks to be the day.

Explaining the explainable

So, above you have the layout for this year’s Halloween display. It will be slightly smaller, in terms of driveway usage. I may actually not have to park in a guest spot for a month like last year.

However, the display may be even more complex than the Revenge of the Dead Things from 2018. As such, I thought I would take a moment to explain the plan. Just in case I can’t make the ambitious project realized or the pictures don’t do it justice.

Setting the scene: Skeleton poker

Number 10 on your planogram. The skeleton poker game.

So, I’ll be setting up a small folding table (36″ x 36″) with two folding chairs, seated on opposite sides.

In those seats will be the classic 5′ skeletons. Poseable (see image), though naked (unlike last year).

Across the table, a skeleton cat will be darting, chased by a skeleton dog. One skeleton will be distracted, turning its head to follow the cat.

The skeleton opponent will be deftly reaching its hand down below the table, where a skeleton cat will be holding a card in its mouth to the outstretched hand.

Setting the scene: Skeleton blackjack

Number 6 on your planogram. The mystery blackjack player.

Another folding table, this time with two folding chairs on the same side.

On one side, stands a 5′ skeleton with a dealer visor (you know, a green film visor). It will be standing over a dealer shoe with decks of cards.

On the opposite side, in one chair, will be another 5′ skeleton, scratching its head in puzzlement at the trench coated player next to it. And with good reason.

The mysterious figure in the trench (I had to go with a spy costume, because there are apparently no good gangster or P.I. costumes) is actually a couple to three large rats (see image) standing on top of each other in order to play.

Beneath this table will be many rats attempting to count cards.

It’s not nice to fool (with) Mother Nature

Here is where reality smacks ambition in the noggin.

The above set up will have a number of atmospherically challenged set pieces.

Playing cards, notably not very wind or water resistant, will play a vital role.

Poker chips, lightweight and easily Mary Poppins, are necessary for both displays.

Finally, the skeleton animals themselves will need to be precariously balanced, especially the running ones on the poker table) and, unlike in the past, I will not be able to easily secure them.

Thursday looks to be the day

Still, there are an abundance of clichés about venturing and rewards, so I will begin the attempt this week.

Indeed, all that stops me from working on it now is that I have cleaners and inspectors due between now and Wednesday. And, some of the last stuff I just ordered today (Amazon 1-day now, woo!). So, Thursday looks to be the day.

You can be certain I’ll post here on the progress and results. I look forward to all of you letting me know how I did!

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