Throwing some shade


Don’t let the headline fool you, this is a post about technology. And, I suppose, it’s also about getting what you pay for. In a good way. So, really, though the headline is applicable, this may feel like anything but throwing some shade.

So, first let’s set some common background information. I live in South Florida. The state motto is “the Sunshine State”. It is July. Our UV index is bursting with joy. Rads galore! Last piece of information: I have no garage.

I’ve been in this home for 23 years. Twenty of those years have been with black cars. On an unprotected driveway. The last three, of course, have been with my white Subaru.

Know what the difference inside a white car in July in South Florida is compared to a black car? Not enough to prevent you from sweating profusely within 20 seconds of entering your vehicle at mid-morning.

Throughout all those years, I’ve used a windshield sunshade (along with window tint everywhere else). These have ranged from the cardboard ones to the “new-fangled” reflective ones. They are mostly good at protecting your dash from cracking and your steering wheel from searing your hands.

No matter which brand sunshade I purchased, though, none of them ever fit any of the three cars I’ve owned since I’ve lived here. Either too tall or too wide or too kinked (the folds don’t smooth out in the windshield).

Plus, the reflective sunshades tend to flake apart over time. That’s what is happening with my old sunshade. So, this time, I decided to look for a real fitted one. Time to use the power of the internet!

My usual go-to, Amazon, revealed two things immediately. One, it’s too darn confusing to figure out which sunshade truly will fit my car from the dozens of options available on Amazon.

Two was, “Good grief, look at those prices!” I couldn’t imagine paying that much for something I stick behind my front windshield.

So, I ventured onto the untamed internet. Googling “Subaru Legacy sunshade” offered a reduced number of choices. After much deliberation, I decided on a firm called “Intro-Tech”. The price still gave me pause, about 2½ times the cost of my previous sunshade.

It arrived reasonably quickly. Rolled up, like a rug, instead of folded like all my other sunshades. It felt a little different and it looked a little different, but, was it really different?

Oboy, was it!

First, the thing fit absolutely perfectly, vertically. Snug as a bug in a rug. But, there was about a half-inch gap on both side of the windshield. I wondered if this would adversely affect its protection of the car. Would it be any different?

Oboy, was it!

Nothing keeps a car cool in South Florida sun, but, wow!, the car was appreciably cooler inside. As in, maybe 10-15 degrees cooler. It felt more like mid 80’s in the car rather than 90’s (or higher). Truly staggering!

Whatever science they used in the construction of this sunshade must severely limit heat transference from the outer surface. Extraordinary!

I would have been happy just with the perfect fit of the sunshade, but the heat reduction effects are even more amazing. Happy as I am, my throwing some shade, in this case, is the name of the company and a recommendation the rest of you check them out!

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