This year’s Birthday BBQ is brought to you by AT&T


Yup, it’s all about the Birthday BBQ. If you’re expecting something else on the blog this week…you must be new! It’s actually impressive that I have enough time to write a blog at all. I must be getting better at this. In any case, let me explain how this year’s Birthday BBQ is brought to you by AT&T.

First, I have to digress a little. Because my birthday falls on a Sunday this year, it provides me an opportunity to have the Birthday BBQ on my actual birthday. This is a rare occurrence indeed. I think the Mayans would even find this one hard to believe.

That said, the shift from regular day (Saturday) to new day (Sunday), creates a huge problem for me. What to do on Tuesday?

I mean, with a whole extra day to get ready, I have a hole in my planning. So, I did nothing. Not even posting a blog. So there.

Sometimes, a plan just works out

Okay, back on track. As you must know by now, I have switched to AT&T for my TV and computer needs. To date, I am happy. Service is consistent (even in this massive extended rain) and speeds are acceptable.

But, during the process of looking at “bundles” from AT&T, I discovered they really want new customers. As in really, really!

So, along with my 470 channels (dur!) and medium speed internet (50 mbps), I also got a bundle price about $5 higher than I was paying Comcast for no TV.

And, I got three $100 Visa cards. Technically, I get four, but the fourth one doesn’t come until after 90 days.

So, here I was doing my day one shopping trip at Wal-Mart. Full details during the week, but basic breakdown is Day one, supplies and stuff; Day two, meats; Day three, fruits and veggies.

Now, these cards are pin-activated. Basically, prepaid cards. However, each card, as noted, is exactly $100 each. If the purchase is above that, I need to make sure the store accepts two types of payments on a single transaction.

Did I go through the store, counting in my head a running tab on my purchases? Did I simply add them up near the end and separate the overage?

Nah. I just make the assumption everything will be okay in the end. Because, I wasn’t even sure I would spend a full $100.

In a weird twist, the store manager called an all-associate meeting. That left one regular cashier and two 20-item cashiers and 4 self-service registers, but my cart was pretty bustling, so I opted to wait in line.

Hee! An associate comes down to the very next register and gestures me over. Dude!

The whole thing rings up and the total is…$101.48! Are you kidding me? That’s either rotten luck or really cool.

I tell him about the $100 limit, he presses a button and I give him two singles for the overage. Done.

Now, with two Visa cards left, it does well and truly look like this year’s Birthday BBQ is brought to you by AT&T.

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