This trip is going to provide the least utility ever


utilityYeah, I tried to come up with a smarter, less wordy headline.  Let’s just agree to get past it.

As my bio shows, I’m as much a numbers guy as a creative one.  I enjoy calculating and building spreadsheets easily as much as writing and crosswords (though I don’t care for Sudoku, which I always “thought pronounce” as Soduko).  It should be no surprise, then, that I keep a close and exact watch on my expenses.

I just received my electronic notification of my next electric bill.  It continues a series of surprisingly (and puzzling) low bills (mid $70’s).  Considering our hot weather and my near continuous use of the computer, I figured the costs would start going up.  It begs the question what my bills will look like shortly.

I’ve never been away from home for more than a week and a half, so I don’t really know what a true “baseline” bill should be.  But it just occurred to me that I’m about to find out.

During my two-plus month GNABRT, I’ll have an opportunity to see just how low my utility bills can go.  Specifically, that will be my electric and water.

On the electric side, the A/C will be set at 80 while I’m gone, the water heater will be off (hey, when I return it will be August, it shouldn’t take long to get a warm shower) and only the refrigerator should be running (ice maker off).  You can’t get much more minimal than that.

The water bill offers me an intriguing opportunity, too.  One of the things I’m curious about, but can never really tell, is if there’s a leak or “run on” issue somewhere in the pipes.  I hope to see a significant drop in my water bill, because otherwise it will mean a significant increase in my home repairs (read:  plumbing) expense.

In any case, I like to imagine that the savings from not being home for two months in the dead of summer should help offset a little of the GNABRT expense.  Like maybe the first hotel room.  For one night.  Excluding tips.

And yes, I’m tracking it on a spreadsheet.  You can read all about it when I finish the book.

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