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I was about halfway through a long blog on memory when I stopped to reread it and discovered it was utterly boring.

This creates quite a problem, since I can’t think of anything interesting to fill the space here today and yet I have committed to daily blogs.  That leads to the question of whether I should post a blog if I don’t have anything interesting to write about (presuming, of course, that you think I ever write anything interesting).

Is the importance of new daily content greater than the importance of the quality of that content (I excuse television from this conversation…with 800 channels, it’s definitely about quantity)?  Is there a value in not wasting your time if I have nothing to say?  Is there a reason I’m asking these questions as if you are really going to answer me?

In order for me to do justice to a daily blog of this nature (long, rambling posts), it would appear I’ll need to “brainstorm” a few ideas ahead of time to allow me to “get ahead” of the daily schedule.  I could even write them ahead of time, but I’m concerned they’ll come out stale if I pull them off the proverbial shelf.

I guess the plus side of today’s post is that you get a quick read and I fulfill my “obligation” for the day.  The downside is that this post is nearly as boring as the one I (virtually) threw away.

Tomorrow looks to be a busy day, so I expect we can fill this space with something that has more “POP!”

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