This is why it costs less to have no ambition…


Despite pre-announcements, I’ve decided to let the Jamaican jerk chicken experiment marinate until this evening, precluding posting results here. In the spirit of good faith, I provide you with this related post. Now, read on…

My retirement is so much more secure when I am without ambitions.

As you all know (and if you don’t, you’ve got some catching up to do in the “Food/Cooking” category, easily accessed on the right side of the web page), I committed to cooking a new recipe each month this year.

What I didn’t commit to was spending for a new kitchen item each month this year. And, I suppose I’m not. At the rate I’m spending, it’s more like 2-3 new kitchen items each month!

Originally, I thought I had a reasonably well-equipped kitchen. Lots of knives, bowls, pans, cookware and an enduring set of Calphalon pots and pans that handle everything I don’t cook on the grill.

Apparently, I thought wrong.

So it was that in only month two of my challenge, I bought a Dutch Oven pan. And in month three, I picked up a food processor.

And then, in conversations on Facebook about my cooking, I happened to mention my knives were a little out-of-date and recommendations came instantly.

And…I bought one. And another. And then, of course, I needed a knife block to hold those and the many more I reluctantly see in my future.

Part of the problem is that evil force known as Amazon Prime. Even Amazon alone is not enough lure, but free 2-day shipping (or, in the case of my food processor, 1 day – on Saturday, no less!) is too much of a temptation for my febrile restraint to withstand.

What future terrors lurk in my upcoming recipes? What new “customers also bought…” will seduce me? What more suggestions can my so-called Facebook friends dent my savings with?

Once, just last year, my retirement seemed so safe. I was a man with little-to-no ambitions. A comfortable life, high-speed internet, a season of Dr. Who without Clara.

Now, endless kitchen purchases vex me. They challenge my budget. They taunt my cabinet organizing skills. Gone is my peace. Gone is my security.

The cost is high, financially and emotionally. It would cost so much less if I had no ambition.

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