Thinking about thinking


Okay, two political posts is my limit for the week. Any more than that and I’ll be changing the name of the blog from “Ramblings” to “Grumblings”. I think it’s time for a change. Of course, that’s actually the problem. Thinking. Or, more accurately, thinking about thinking.

Here’s the deal. Basically, I think I think too much.

While this isn’t news to some people in my life, present and past (especially women), I mean it in a different way now. Or maybe I don’t. I have to think about it, which is kind of the problem.

So, let’s give a little glimpse what’s up and see what you…er…think about it.

My mind races a lot. And it’s running most of the time. It’s almost eerie.

Part of this is, obviously, due to my living alone. And being socially torpid. So, my mental exercises are pretty much me, myself and I.

What that leads to, sometimes, is I begin to think. Then I think about why I thought what I…thank?,,,thunk?…just thought (better). Then I think I’m over thinking by thinking about thinking what I just thought. And…well, picture an infinity mirror.

So, okay, I’ll just stop thinking. But, and here’s a real weird one for you, then I thought, what if Professor X (the mutant with vast mental powers) thought “stop thinking”? Would he just be instantly brain-dead? I mean, how would he be able to think “start thinking” if he could no longer think?

That’s when I determined I should probably not stop thinking. Not because I thought I was a mutant with vast mental powers (mutant, maybe, but the rest…?), but because what if I literally stopped thinking?

Okay, I didn’t actually think that last part…until just now, I guess, but if I think about that, I might get tempted to stop thinking again.

Considering the above, I think those various women in my life who wished I would stop thinking and start acting were likely better off with me sitting on my hands (sometimes literally) as opposed to using them more…socially.

But, then again, that leads me thinking that if I was acting instead of thinking then maybe I wouldn’t be thinking so much now. That’s a dangerous path, though, because then I have to be thinking about thinking again (or is that about not thinking?).

Um, you know, now that I think about it, perhaps doing more political posts isn’t quite as bad as I thought. I mean, it’s something I’m thinking about. Or, at the very least, something I’m thinking about thinking.

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