I think I know what you mean


Okay. I shared with you that I’m jumping back into reading with the help of my favorite author. Jack Vance is a master of descriptive language and exquisite dialog. He also has a gift for diction that employs an expansive vocabulary. I hazard to say it would break any Facebook grammar app. As proud as I am of my own vocabulary, he often leaves me saying, “I think I know what you mean.”

I am thrilled anytime I find a new word to add to my collection. Reading through Mr. Vance constantly supplies me with new ones. Some of the words he uses, I may even actually be able to use myself. I can’t use all of them, since people would think I was walking around doing “Shakespeare in the Publix”.

There are times, though, that I will literally stop reading and look up the word. Perhaps it’s in a critical area of the book and I want to be certain. Other times, it’s simply so irresistible, I just have to know exactly what it means.

To be fair, Mr. Vance writes in a way that an attentive reader can always figure out the approximate definition of the word, but there are always some gems worth confirming.

Here are a few:

  • Immiscible – incapable of mixing or forming homgoneity (in other words, they don’t get along)
  • Fecundity – fruitful in offspring or vegetation (in the particular instance, a superabundance of womanhood)
  • Oenologist – a science that deals with wine and wine making (didn’t know that before)
  • Marmoreal – of, or suggestive of marble or a marble statue (referring to the cool aloofness of a character)

And that’s just in the first 40 pages!

Some people might consider that a difficult read. To me, that’s just an added bonus to an already fun book.

My excitement at being back to reading is palpable now. It’s urging me to quit wasting time, cut these posts short and get back in the recliner. I’m happy to give in to that insistent inner voice…it’s indefatigable.

Those of you book lovers out there, I think you know what I mean.

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