I think I’ll keep pounding on this square peg…


square pegFunny thing about writing, there are lots of rules.

Most of them are ignored at one point or another.  Sometimes to good effect, sometimes…meh.

I’ve been banging on this idea for a book on and off for the past several months.  I put it aside and it resurfaces.  I pound away at it for a while and then put it away again.

One of those rules I mentioned is that a writer should not fall in love with his words.  Most of the time, this refers to not being reluctant to cut dialog, scenes and even whole chapters from a book if it really doesn’t work.

The same could probably be said for ideas.  I’m enamored of this idea and I believe there is a story in there somewhere.  Believing doesn’t mean it’s real and I’m right.  After this much pounding, it actually suggests there isn’t a story there (or, perhaps, I’m not the one to tell it).

Still, I do like the idea and, contrary to a “rule” of writing, I’m going to continue to pound on it until I change that round hole into a square.

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