They’re around here somewhere


trilogyNormally, I don’t answer the phone when the caller isn’t identified and I don’t recognize the number. But, filled with the good spirit of the holidays and an eerie sense of familiarity, I did pick up on a local call yesterday.

It was one of those, “I thought I recognized that number…” moments, as it turned out to be my brother-in-law.

I maybe receive two calls a year from him. Maybe. Most of my family contact is through my Sister or niecelings, so I don’t have his number programmed into the phone.

Even stranger than him calling me was the reason he was calling me. He wanted me to bring over copies of my books when I came by for Thanksgiving dinner. Apparently, he has someone he wants to give them to as a Christmas gift this year.

What a cool idea! More people should do that!

He’s expecting to buy them from me, but I’ve always made it a standing offer to everyone in the family that my books are free for them to read. I’ve never wanted to be “that guy” who makes money selling to his family.

I mean, really, if I was meant to make money writing books, it would take a heckuva lot more than a dozen family members buying them.

Of course, to this day, not a single member of my family has taken me up on my offer, so my book remains unanimously unread by anyone related to me.

Granted, my brother-in-law isn’t going to actually read the books himself, so technically the free-books-to-family offer wouldn’t really apply, but, as I said, I am filled with the holiday spirit (and he is cooking the turkey), so…

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