They say it’s my birthday


say its birthdayIt’s finally here.  The big day.  Five by Five.  Double nickels.  Dos cincos de Mayo (yeah, I know that’s not how you say it…I’m on a roll, get out of the way of the train)!

Throughout the past six years of this blog (during which, I hit the big Five-Oh) and pretty much all of my life, I have spent much time in introspective musings about myself (really, you can check it out in the categories).  Somber.  Ponderous.  Pompous.

To quote Jimmy Stewart from one of my favorite movies:  “It’s all a bunch of hooey!”

Time to put all that pointless reflection in the past and move forward to living life.  To that end, the Great North American Baseball Road Trip will also serve as my walkabout (of sorts).

When I depart, I plan on leaving behind the brooding introspection.  I will dial down the sarcasm and learn to accept compliments without a reflexive self-effacement.

Mostly, I will use the trip to remember and relearn how to connect with people.

When I return, in addition to being durn tired, I expect I will be a lot lighter.  In turn, I look forward to the next (30? 40? 50?) years of living a more active and engaged life.

Now, can we get this party started?

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