They lie!


And I’m steamed about it!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this once or twice over the life of my blog, but it bears repeating after another round of disappointment.

Product packaging lies.

No one needs any confirmation on refrigerated goods, with those deceptive “best if used by” dates. Especially dairy. How about, “best if it doesn’t smell by” dates. I can’t count how many half-gallons of milk I’ve had turn bad before their dates and with too much still remaining. The same goes for some other dairy items like cottage cheese.

Likewise for some cooking directions. If I follow the time suggestions on microwave dinners, they come out overcooked. If I use the directions on bacon, it comes out undercooked. Hello! Can someone come up with some standards?

Now, I’m back from Lowe’s with new light bulbs. Talk about dishonest packaging! On my bathroom halogens, it says they will last close to a year. Sh’yeah, then why am I out buying replacements already?

Or, how about those low-heat halogens for the office fan? “Instant-On” the package boldly proclaims in big letters. Sh’yeah, more like “flicker-on”.

Now, I get “May go bad before you use it” and “Won’t last as long as you like” are not the type of packaging phrases designed to boost sales. Just like “we really don’t know how long you need to set your microwave for” isn’t going to encourage you to buy a product.

But, jeepers, can we try to get a little closer to reality on these products?

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