There’s something fishy about my family!


If you’ve seen my facebook status updates for today, you know I was out fishing with my Dad and oldest niece.  It was a gorgeous Florida spring day and we had a great time.  My niece just missed out on pulling down the $90 fish pool (we should have demanded a re-weighing).

Fish adventures have always seemed to be a “glue” item for my family.  I’ve recounted various tales (you can now use the recently completed category section to look into a few of those under “fishing”) for you before, but wanted to explore the family “angle” a bit more.

For example, my grandparents lived off a canal where my sister and I could fish from their dock or seawall.  Grandpa had a 29 foot inboard boat with a cabin below deck (I would have sworn it was bigger than 29 feet, but Dad says otherwise.  I guess everything seems bigger when you’re seven or eight).  I still have Grandma’s dolphin on the wall just to the left of my workstation here.

During my youth, my sister and I didn’t get along on many things, but our fish tanks (and trips to the Keys to catch fish for them) were one of those things.

Mom also kept up on the aquarium front, fresh water mainly, and loved the open water of the Keys (to the extent that her last request was to have her ashes scattered there).  She was also the one who broadened my palate for eating fish (but not sushi…ick!).

Dad and I certainly had many bonding fishing trips in both the Keys and the Everglades.  When my oldest niece began expressing an interest in fishing, Dad got her a rig and took her around to various lakes and canals.

Over the last few years, I’ve enjoyed a few trips with Dad and my niece, mainly on party boats (as today).  Over those trips we’ve had the good fortune to see many wonderful sights (such as a pair of sailfish this morning leaping above the water several times) and even taken home the fishing pool once or twice (though never as big as today’s).

Seems like fish have played an important role in providing a common ground for our family to enjoy each other’s company.

That’s the sort of fish story I wouldn’t mind getting bigger with each telling!

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