There’s not enough space on my keyboard


Things fall apart; the center cannot hold…Yes, I’m going to use a line from the brilliant Yeats poem to lead off my mundane post. Sad, but true, as Yeats is dead and unable to complain were he to even know of my blog. A blog that is struggling, anyway, to deal with the fact that there’s not enough space on my keyboard.

Things fall apart…

It’s true. You know it, I know it, Yeats knew it.

And, while my PC desktop has been remarkably durable in outlasting my expected replacement year (last year), my keyboard has been noticeably lacking.

My original one, that is. My keyboards take a beating from all the typing I do. Eventually, I end up obliterating some of the key labels.

Now, generally, after all these years, I pretty much know what letters are where on a keyboard and which is delete versus insert. But, it’s annoying not to see the labels. And, I’m not a “home row” typist, so I do look for my letters occasionally.

The first coming…

So, my first replacement keyboard (via Amazon, of course), arrived and easily plugged into the ‘puter and installed fine. All these USB plug-in items really do make life interchangeably easy.

Of course, the keyboard actually has to function to complete the package. Alas, the keyboard had keys that stuck. Many keys.

The second coming…

So, in typical Amazon fashion, they processed my return immediately. In this instance, they told me to keep the keyboard rather than send it back. Whoop-de-doo. I sent it to recycle.

Next up, an Amazon Basics keyboard. “Highly Recommended” and a “Best Seller.”

And, at first, I agreed with that assessment. Until…

The center cannot hold

As in, the center of the keyboard at the bottom. The large and very important space bar.

At first, I thought I was just having problems adjusting to the slightly different layout of the keyboard. Or, maybe it needed to work out some manufacturing stickiness.

Because, I was lost in space. I would hit the space bar and yet not have a space between words. As you can see, space is very important in writing. It sorta kinda needs to be after every word.

There’s not enough space on my keyboard

But, I wasn’t getting that space. Time and again, I would have to backspace and put a space in between words. At one point, the keyboard actually had me believing it was all my fault.

No longer, obviously. But, also obviously, it’s too late for a return to Amazon. I’m stuck with the problem and the fact that there’s not enough space on my keyboard.

At some point, my aggravation will override my cheapness and I will just go out and buy a new keyboard. This time, I think I will just pop out to Best Buy or Walmart and get a trusty old Logitech. Those puppies have all the space I need!

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