There’s no place like home

no place like home, until you have to clean it.

…until you have to clean it. Yes, it’s my birthday gift to myself: cooking, cleaning and serving all for others. But, this is the very last time for my birthday. Starting next year, nothing will cause me to qualify the statement “There’s no place like home”.

Nothing new about this

Oh goodness, no. I’ve gone on about my aversion to cleaning at great lengths, here on the JMD blog. I’ve even used the “h” word about cleaning.

It’s why I have a couple of people come to clean the house every month. For a man with no kids or pets (and reasonably neat), once a month is just fine. Not counting the unbeatable dust, of course. That requires cleaning every 11 minutes.

If you want something done right

However, it’s one thing to have my house cleaned to my “standards”. I’ll freely admit that if it looks clean, I consider it clean.

But, when I have a party, then I need to clean the house to real standards. And, sometimes, that means going above and beyond the monthly cleaning crew.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Those are always nice and clean. Smudge-free. Glass surfaces…not so much.

Although I’m not a big stickler, my glass shower doors and most noticeably my big patio sliding doors sometimes have smears. A sign of maybe not giving it that step-back look after the initial wipe down.

Granted, it’s really only visible on the sliding doors in the morning sun, but it’s there. The shower doors, less often.

Big deal? Eh. An occasional twitch for me. I can just have a quick moment with the cleaners. But, I certainly can’t allow that for the party. Step stool and Windex at the ready.

Mopping versus scrubbing

The monthly cleaning covers a quick mop of the patio tile and a wipe off of the table. Anyone who has a patio in a rainy climate knows that’s just surface dirt.

Again, for a hosting venue, I have to pull out the dual mop (you know, one side sponge, the other bristles). The patio is 30 feet wide. It requires two days to properly clean it (all the furniture on one side on day one and the opposite the next day).

That’s not even getting into the leaky spigot on the hose out back or the badly leveled patio that pools the water. Let’s just leave it as “it’s a pain”.

There’s no place like home

So, I’m midway through the patio cleaning (north side done). Tomorrow is the other side. Oh, and there’s also all the chairs, the tables and sundry to clean prior to the big Sunday BBQ.

After that, of course, is the clean up from spills, crumbs and whatnot. Phew. Then, with everything cleaned and stored again, I can go back to my neat and clean world, where others do my cleaning for me.

At that point, there’s no place like home.

Until Halloween.

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