There’s more than humidity in the South Florida air


Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m a little scurred. I think I’d be stupid not to be.

This house is old. Not Jackie Gleason 60’s old, but pre-Hurricane Andrew 80’s old. That means pre-tougher building codes.

My house layout has the back side of the house facing east. That whole side is basically sliding glass doors with a slab of wall between them. It faces a nice wide open area filled with trees.

I’m also attached on both sides (a villa or a condo, depending on the real estate definition). I can’t say whether that’s good or bad for home stability (less exposed surface area seems like it would be better).

I’ve had cracks in my wall in the past from simple settling of the ground as well as a result of Wilma, a category 3 storm. Obviously, Irma is a bit more buff.

I keep thinking of that Three Stooges routine…”Inch by inch, step by step…” as we all wait the creeping appearance of Irma and all similarly wonder about just how violent the introduction will be. To date, there has been no joy in Mudville provided by the sequentially bad tracking updates.

As with most everything traumatic in life, there’s naught to be personally done. Just hope that construction surpasses nature one more time and, if not, hope to avoid injury in the struggle between man’s creations and nature’s.

Ironically, the safest place for me to be, excluding the guest bathroom, is right here in my office. It’s on the west side of the house and has only one small sliding window. Other than power outages or Dorothy type travel arrangements, I’m likely to be sitting here typing my silly attempts at humor while the house gets a serious workout on its wind stamina.

The situation itself isn’t funny, of course, but I’ve found humor always to be the best defense against all negativity, either directed at me or from within me. I’m not planning to tug on Superman’s cape or spit into the wind, but I do hope to keep my wit and levity for as long as I’m allowed.

South Florida has a right to be nervous and even scared right now. It’s as much about uncertainty (where is it going to hit?) as the actual danger. Those who are leaving and those who are staying all feel it.

But, hey, at least no one is complaining about the humidity!

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