Then what’s it for?


I had someone ask me the other day if my blog was helping me sell any books.  I paused a moment before replying and then, knowing what kind of response it would receive, I told him the blog wasn’t meant to sell any books.  Thus you have the titular comment for today’s post.

This blog has always been more of a personal communication between me and whatever audience is out there.  It serves no other purpose than for me to wax on about whatever flits across my consciousness that day.  I’ve looked at other (established) authors’ sites and their blogs tend to be short and directed to their writing.  Perhaps that would be the case for me if I was already established by the time I created a website.

Since I’m both entering publishing and the public eye at the same time, I thought I would try something different.  Clearly I couldn’t blog about my writing, since there was only the one book.  I couldn’t tell of my travels, signings, movie deals and the like because there aren’t any (nor are they expected in the near future).  I thought, for a change, I would just write about me, my life and my adventure into writing.  I also wanted to challenge myself to write something different every day (beyond writing the succeeding books in the trilogy).

I realized there just wasn’t enough going on with my breaking into the writing field to supply five posts a week, so I decided to just chat with all of you on a variety of miscellany that often would have absolutely no bearing on my writing journey.  Of course, you can form a fairly good picture of who I am from the tone and topics filling this site for the last eight months, but even the most casual reader must realize there is little in the blog that directs you to buy the books.

There may be some who think this is foolish; a waste of opportunity and time.  Perhaps.  But I have never argued the assertion that I am foolish (quite a bit different than being a fool).  When the moment provides, I will blog about developments in my writing career.
Absent that, I keep my fingers light and my thoughts random.

I have a fair amount of regular readers; a fact which pleases me.  I cannot honestly say that each of them has bought the book; I have no way of knowing, since the blog does not require registering to read.  If every single one of them were owners of the book or none of them were, it would not change the basic thrust of the blog.

Hopefully, it is frequently entertaining and sometimes interesting.  I can’t even say the writing style of the posts is indicative of my writing in the books; for that, however, you always have the four chapter excerpt elsewhere on the site.

So relax; no pressure.  Read the blog regularly or just now and then.  Come back if it proves a worthwhile use of your time.  I’m sure that one post or another will entertain you.

That’s what it’s for.

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