The yin-yang of Thanksgiving dinner


yin yangI’ll be having Thanksgiving dinner with my sister and her friends; it should be terrific.

I’ll be having Thanksgiving dinner with my sister and her friends; it should be awful.

That’s the thing about family, you can have the most wonderful time or the most trying time. Or both, I suppose.

Usually, the holidays are a great opportunity for everyone to wear their happy personality and let peace reign, allowing the partaking in obscene amounts of scrumptious food.

My sister is an excellent cook, so I enjoy the food. There are also contributions from some of her friends, providing holiday favorites and taking some of the load off my sister.

Occasionally, though, there may bubble up some piece of a previous aggravation. That’s family, too.

In those moments, a dreary out-of-body experience occurs where some sit in uncomfortable silence and others (often me) try to broker a return to peace.

The occasional barb is expected and, hopefully, those are nipped in the bud quickly to prevent any extension. If accomplished, the dinner turns out warm and memorable.

If not, the dinner is no less memorable, just less desirable.

I always expect a terrific family dinner on Thanksgiving. I’m a hopelessly positive person. Plus, it’s so much easier to digest food through laughter. So, that’s what I’m looking forward to this Thanksgiving and hope you also get to laugh loud and long during your special meal.

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