The waiting


the waitingMy Dad has occasionally used the phrase “hurry up and wait” around me.  Often, he is referring to drivers who feel a compulsion to zip up to a red light.

Currently, it is the feeling I experience as I wait for the process to complete that makes my book available through the various sales channels.

It’s not an uncommon process; in fact, it’s the exact same process as with Book One.  The period of waiting still breeds impatience, though; the classic “Come on, already” feeling as I look for my chance to get started publicizing the book’s release.

It has always been my belief that I would get a true read (honestly, no pun intended) on my books’ popularity once I could show the reading public I was indeed going to finish the trilogy.  There is a natural relcutance for someone to try the first book of a series by a new author, if only for the concern the purchase is wasted without the remaining books in the saga.  How does anyone know whether the new author is committed to writing or simply having a dalliance?

Bearing that in mind, my excitement over Book Two being released is different than my first book, but in many ways greater than before.

But…the waiting.

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