The very last time I spend my birthday cleaning


What a glorious day! The sun is shining, it’s a holiday for many of my friends and it’s my birthday. So, you can imagine what I’ve got planned for the day…cleaning! Yes, it’s the day after the birthday BBQ and that means…bleh. But! This is the very last time I spend my birthday cleaning.

The beginning of the tale

The very last birthday BBQ week

Well, okay, not the beginning of all time. Not the ol’ “earth was a primordial mass” stuff. Just the beginning of my very last birthday week. As helpfully provided by the link to the right.

From all appearances, the party was a success. I never really know for sure because my guests (friends and family) never tell me if I screw up any cooking.

But, based on “leftovers”, I think I did alright. Everyone did a good job on most everything. Except my spiced beef. Curious, but I love it, so “more for me”.

A blast from the past

Sure, there is another beginning to the tale. I have to dig down deep in the JMD archives to find it. So long ago that it was before I started using images! Wow, like, what a newbie.

Still, for those interested in my non-love affair with cleaning, here’s a straight link to click on.

So, yeah, I dislike cleaning to a setting of 12 on a scale of 10, yet another reason this is my very last time I will be spending my birthday cleaning.

And yet, he persisted

Still, it’s not like anyone else is going to do this for me, so let’s get started, right?

Chafing the right way

In case you weren’t reading last week, you may have missed how I upgraded my “hosting service” by picking up some awesome, professional grade chafing dishes.

Unforeseen problem: instead of those cheap foil pans that could be crumpled and tossed (can’t recycle because of stuck food particles), I now have real classy re-usable stainless steel trays.

Hey, guess what? That “reusable” means washing. And stainless steel means it’s not non-stick. And, if you have my 7-cheese mac and cheese or my plaster-thick baked beans…well, let’s just say, that’s a lot of work for the Dobie pads.

Funny, the kitchen seemed bigger yesterday

So, there’s all those chafing trays (8). And serving pans. Plus the rotating snack trays (with separate holders!). And the wine glasses.

Digression. Can you believe I need to buy more of those? I have a set of four I bought long ago when I was dating a woman who loved wine. I’ve never seemed to need more than two at my BBQ’s. Somehow, yesterday, four was not enough. Sheesh. End digression.

Well, as I kept up at the hand washing, a funny thing happened. I ran out of countertop space. So, I use the other side of the counter. And that’s even not enough. Oh, how I love cleaning.

Waiter, there’s a fly in my patio

Fine. While most of the trays and dishes are drying, it’s time to head out to the patio. There are some flies out there, picking at droppings. I look up at the screen and there is a small mob of flies trying to get through my screen.

Jeepers. Who knew my cooking was that popular. I bet they would like my spiced beef!

Anyhoo. A lot of spray cleaner and paper towels later and I was ready to fold up the chairs and tables and sweep the patio clean. Of course, that meant opening the patio door for a moment to sweep it outside.

Surprisingly, I did not get the mob of flies parading in. Thank goodness for the lack of reasoning power of insects.

However! As I opened the big sliding door to carry the chafing stands and supplies in, two adventurers from the patio made it inside with me. A fly and a wasp. Meh.

30 gallons of bug spray and 10 minutes later, they were disposed of in the vacuum, along with any other carpet leftovers.

The very last time I’m spending my birthday cleaning

And Bob’s your uncle.

Patio: cleaned (though not mopped). Dishes and assorted serving things: cleaned (mostly, until I get enough counter space to finish). Bags of garbage and recycling: out front, perfectly timed for pick up day.

And, thankfully, the very last time I’m spending my birthday cleaning. In fact, very shortly, I hope to spend the rest of my birthday on my recliner couch watching mindless entertainment.

Happy birthday to me!

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