The very last birthday BBQ week


It was inevitable, really. Once my health returned and “my” weather arrived, I could start walking again. And, of course, walking means thinking and writing. Blogs first, more involved stuff later. Fortuitous timing, too. Let’s blow the dust off the JMD blog in this Very Last Birthday BBQ Week.

The history of food

Well, food served at my place.

When I first moved into this home, closing in on 25 years shortly, I began what has turned into a regular series of hosting cookouts.

It started with the classic housewarming party. Many nice gifts, including a particularly awesome one from friends – a BBQ grill.

Little did I suspect that would be an insidious gift to “force” me into holding a BBQ every year since. Hmm. My friends are smart. Devious, but smart.

The grill of immortality

Now, that grill lasted me a long time. Really impressive, for it wasn’t the biggest grill (since I didn’t have that big a patio). But, eventually, everything has its time.

Everything, it seems, except the grill I bought to replace that original one. By this time, about 10 years in, my parties had grown larger and I felt I need to step up in grill size.

So, I’m shopping across town. To Home Depot. To little BBQ outlets. Even online. Finally, I settle on a Weber Genesis Silver B from Home Depot. Assembled, thank you.

Now almost 15 years old, I have been trying to replace it for quite a few years. But, it just won’t die. It cannot be killed. Sure, a new set of flavor bars or grates every now and then. Even a new igniter. But the darn grill just keeps going.

I really would like a new (even bigger) grill, but I just can’t desert such a loyal and trusty friend…especially since it still works great. Sigh.

Tools and trappings

Of course, as the parties grow larger and more involved, I’ve been gathering more and more items to keep up with the crowd. Even now, in my very last BBQ week, I still am picking up new stuff for hosting (more on that tomorrow).

Over the years, I’ve accumulated folding tables, folding chairs, chafing dishes, tablecloths, plastic ware, utensils, cooking items and more. All in service of others on a day (theoretically) about me.

What a doof.

But, outside of cleanup and cooking and serving and not eating, I have a lot of fun.

Spring cleaning

Oh, yeah, about that cleaning…


Man, I sooo despise cleaning. I have to do it before the party and then I have to do it after the party. What was I thinking. Which is the same thought I have every year for the last quarter century.

What a doof.

Ah, well, at least this is the very last birthday BBQ week. Ever.

Old man time

You see, the thing is, birthdays represent something really important: you just got older! And I’ve had more than a few of them.

Similar to my Halloween (mis)adventures, it gets tougher and tougher each year to “survive” the events. The cooking and prep takes a lot out of me. And then, all that clean up. Ugh.

Plus, I also do one of these monster BBQ’s around Halloween. For fun and to show off my creative madness outside. Two of these every year for 20+ years has finally worn me down.

The very last birthday BBQ week

Next year is a roundy. I’ve already written about how I like to do something big on those types of birthdays (check out the link). So, I feel like this is a really good moment to make this the very last birthday BBQ week. Ever.

National Baseball Hall of Fame
Roundy birthday adventure?

It’s really a gift to my friends and family. Now, all those days I am busy preparing for or cleaning up after the birthday BBQ will be open. Everyone who wants to take me out to lunch, dinner or cruises will have that option.

I’m free. Beginning next year. Or, maybe the year after, if I’m on some grand expedition for my roundy.

But, going forward, feel free to book me for meals or parties. Since this is my very last birthday BBQ week, I look forward to someone else doing the hosting for my birthday.

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