The Top 10 “Things I’m Thankful For”


Holiday appropriate blogging begins now.

The Top 10 Things I’m Thankful For:

10.    I’m thankful that I live in a state where snow is not only foreign, it’s downright illegal!

 9.     I’m thankful that I’ve maintained a consistent weight and size for most of my adult life, allowing me to make the same fashion statement for over three decades — one of these days, I’ll be the cool one!

 8.     I’m thankful that I’ve been so healthy as to avoid any major illness or injury for my first 50 years — meaning everything will be fresh and new to me when I do start falling apart!

  7.     I’m thankful that I maintained my health and made a lot of money working so I could quit early and take up writing!

 6.     I’m thankful that I maintained my health since I made so little money writing I may have to take up working!

 5.     I’m thankful that I find humor everywhere around me; especially in myself!

 4.     I’m thankful that I still look at the world with the wonder and appreciation of a child!

 3.     I’m thankful that #4 and #5 is most likely why most kids have fun with me!

 2.     I’m thankful that although my family is small, I have wonderful close friends who have made me feel part of their families!

 1.     And #1, I’m thankful I didn’t fall into the tired cliche of doing a sappy and sentimental holi…oh darn!

1B.     I’m thankful that no one else is perfect either!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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