The shirts on my back


shirts-on-my-backI’m a colorful character.

It started when I was little, making drawings in crayon, then graduating over the years to colored pencils and art markers. As much as I enjoy pencil drawing, I’ve always had a strong affinity for color art.

It’s not much of a leap to see how that color bled into my personality. And not just in my writing or manner of speech.

When I got to my last job in Corporate America, I was informed that the Boss of the company preferred the men to wear white shirts and ties.

The tie wasn’t much of a problem for me, as I was coming from a stolid company that had the men wear suits.

The white shirts, though, chafed. I think it was but a few months before I started wearing my colorful shirts.

All solids, though. I respected the business atmosphere, so no print shirts. And no stripes. In “those” days (not so long ago), I was still thin and didn’t need (or want) stripes making me look thinner! (I did get a couple of striped shirts from friends and I must admit they still look great.)

But, ah, those colors! Deep burgundy, rich royal blue, bright pink, grand forest green, arresting burnt umber (think on the brown side of rust). As an aside, you can have some awesome tie choices when you wear strong colored shirts!

Then came the end of the line. A final dry cleaning and piles of dust on plastic covered dress shirts. Bust out the polos and shorts!

For nearly half a dozen years I existed on a large collection of company-provided polo shirts and some Florida Gator gifts from friends.

Finally, last year, I took advantage of the crazy discounting at year-end and bought some new short sleeve shirts – the button down variety. And there is where I made an important discovery.

My tastes had changed. Not for color; I still adored a palette of shirts. No, my tastes for solids had faded (except for Gators blue) and so I picked up a batch of interestingly colored print shirts.

This year, as my supply of polo shirts has reached a woeful low, I went off cyber shopping again to find another trove of colorful (loud?) shirts. And a few Gator polos, since no one gets me gifts anymore.

But no stripes, even though I could probably use them now.

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