The road more traveled


“One has to wonder what they’re worried about. There’s something. There always is.”

This isn’t where I was going for my blog post today. Really. I had been on an unannounced sabbatical from political posts. But the recent comments from the current president have chilled me and quickened my pulse at the same time, forcing me to release these thoughts in order to move on to other more pleasant things.

The hypocrisy of Donald Trump is staggering.

Yes, I know that if you are a faithful supporter of his, anything further I type is going to go unread, or at least unheard. But it’s coming anyway, so bear with it for a bit before shaking your head and closing the page.

To this point, he has created a fanciful and, frankly, harmful construction around the free press in America as “Fake and corrupt”. Primarily, this label is used at any instance of coverage that is unflattering to the president.

Note, not only if he believes it is untrue, but even just reporting that is accurate, but paints a picture that displeases Mr. Trump.

As the miasma around him spreads and begins to encroach upon his personal finances, he has taken to abusing the Department of Justice, including people he personally picked to fill jobs as well as others not directly responsible to him.

Unlike his past life, he cannot fire some of these people. He cannot command them to follow his orders. He totally misunderstands the nature of his position.

Donald Trump, billionaire businessman, works for himself. Under his rights in a capitalist society, he is free to be as magnanimous or as nasty as he likes, short of illegality, to shape his company and fortunes to his wants and desires.

Donald Trump, president of the United States, works for 320 million people, even those who didn’t vote for him. Under his responsibilities in a democracy, he is obligated to put aside his personal gain and work for the betterment of all Americans while swearing to uphold the sanctity of the Constitution (which puts right at the top, the guarantee of free speech).

He has not shown a recognition of the most basic parts of our democracy. The three branches. The separation of powers. The freedom of the press. He still acts as if he’s Donald Trump, billionaire businessman.

Under that delusion, he has attacked democratic institutions and democratic foundations. He has railed at foe and friend alike, to the point it’s tough to determine if there is a difference between the two.

If he is isolated, it is because he has done it to himself, refusing to acknowledge he is only a part of the law of the land.

His constant denials about potential connections with Russia ring hollow. He often damns himself with his own words and here he has done so again.

Look once more to the quote on top of the page. It is from Donald Trump, as president, using taxpayers’ money to fund his fantasy that there were millions (!) of undocumented votes given to Hillary Clinton.

And he is the president! Talk about sore winner! Six months into his presidency, he is arguing with states who, rightfully (there’s that Constitution thing again), have refused his unlawful request for our personal information; to be used who knows how.

His angry response above, directed towards those recalcitrant states, is obliviously accurate for any person to return to him regarding the Russia investigation and things like his tax returns.

“One has to wonder what he’s worried about. There’s something. There always is.”

We’ve seen this path of hypocrisy and cover-up walked before. It is, fortunately, exceedingly rare in our history. Would that this president had chosen the road more traveled.

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