The revulsion of knowledge


revulsion of knowledge“Some questions are better left unanswered”, “Information overload”, “That’s more than I needed to hear”, “You don’t wanna know”, “TMI”

With three and a half months still left in the presidential campaigns, I am suffering from information indigestion. In this case knowledge is powerfully uncomfortable.

The toughest part of trying to make the best decision possible for the next four (eight?) years of our country’s direction is wading through the sewage of information that is regurgitated onto the airwaves, internet and print media.

Setting aside peeps like you and me, who voice our opinions daily with varying degrees of passion, just sorting through all the dreck and flotsam in the sea of “news” is exhausting.

Much of the information out there is dank and mordant, causing an increasing queasiness with every additional bit and morsel I digest.

Now, after three days of the Republican National Convention, three days of speeches that, by almost double, are about how awful the Democratic candidate is versus how good the Republican candidate is, I find myself in great need of industrial strength pink liquid.

I try not to imagine how awful the Democratic National Convention will be, since almost every one of their ads these days is how terrible the Republican candidate is.

Honestly, I can’t even watch the speeches, with passionately (bordering on ignorantly) screaming supporters happily echoing vile and unabashedly hateful slogans.

Is there no possibility that exists to excite your party’s supporters by simply trumpeting how better your candidate is? Must everything be couched as evil avoided rather than good chosen?

We worry about terror and war overseas encroaching on our nation and yet, fed by the red meat of political rhetoric, I see auditoriums full of rabid beasts in the throes of passionate distaste for the other side so great it diminishes their ability to think like human beings.

The campaigns have hit their crucibles, their respective conventions. The flurry of opinion, reporting, news and conjecture is at its most heightened pitch.

And the more I read, see or hear, the more I know, the greater my revulsion.

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