The record shows, I took the blows


took the blowsAnd the blows win.

Long ago I posted a tirade about my evil oak tree and its daily dumpings on my front patio.  That’s the injury.

More than once a month, I get the insult added to my travails.  The landscapers for the development go through and beautify the place (cutting grass, trimming edges and pruning trees).  They do a terrific job and I salute them.

The leaf blowing guy, though…

As if it’s not enough to deal with old Treebeard out back, I have this guy come past the house after each landscaping day and blow all the leaves away.  Well, away from the front of the house, but plenty of them hit “The Slab” (read the linked post already).

I get the pleasure of RE-sweeping the leaves I already swept when they are blown back onto The Slab.  That is a tiresome and one would think unnecessary chore.

Yet, occasional (not crossing over to annoying) conversations with the landscapers about the direction of their blowing has had no impact to date on altering their aim.

So, each day the leaf blower comes by, I just have to take it and then go outside and sweep the huge pile of leaves out to the walkway, ultimately to be swept out to my front hedge in the hopes they will form a sort of compost to help the new tiny things I have grow faster.

What?  You don’t know the story of my tiny hedge?  Maybe another time I’ll blow your mind at how my homeowner’s association makes me blow my top.

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