The price of procrastination


The bill always comes due. Many times it gets delayed in the mail. Sometimes, the collector is standing right behind you. In all cases, the price of procrastination is a debt that must be paid.

As is usually the case with me, it has something to do with the house. We all know that I’m awful with cleaning. But, my solution for that is to have others clean for me.

There is also my problem with general chores and this is where I get into my most expensive issues. Take, for example, my regular procrastination with my front landscape.

My blog is littered (no pun intended) with stories of my fabled little square of landscaping. Both from a regular landscaping sense and a decorating sense (think Halloween).

Just one example of previous procrastination

My regular technique goes something like this:

– Time to work the front landscape

– Well, it doesn’t look too bad

– I suppose I could skip another <week/month/eon>

– Rinse, repeat

Eventually, it becomes too much and I have to do the work. Recently, I actually find myself getting more ambitious. I am now trimming the branches of my Tree 1 and Tree 2, that flank my driveway.

These fine trees, friend to spiders and squirrels alike, tend to drop leaves and whatnot on my car. They also provide an excellent base for spiders to build webs to my car door handles. Apparently, I’m not the only one ambitious about those trees.

But, and here’s the kicker, I’m just not that good anymore. So, I pay the price of procrastination is paid by my body.

I’m not even talking about the violently shaking left hand. That’s from the injury I sustained several Halloween’s ago compounded by bowling and mouse play.

No, I’m talking about my back. As in my back pain. That feeling that screams, “Old Man!” at me when I move. Or sit. Or, really, just about anything right now.

Funny thing, I didn’t feel any of that at the time. This was one of those paying the price of procrastination on a deferred account. But, as mentioned, the bill always comes due.

I’ve gone over the day in my head and I know wherefore art thou the injury originates. It’s not cutting all the branches and pruning that is the culprit. It’s the time I’m chopping them into smaller bits to be bagged.

That part of the landscaping, the very end, is spent almost exclusively in a bent over position, while exerting constant effort with the branch cutters.

So, I am paying the price for procrastination today (and last night). I would expect I am on an extended payment plan and can look forward to another installment tomorrow.

And, like I say every time this happens (and it happens often enough), I really should pay someone else to do this. It beats paying the price for my procrastination.

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