The only thing worse than cold is heat


cold and heatBoy, I can’t stand heat. It’s the absolute worst.

Apparently, winter has finally come to South Florida (and most of the East Coast, too). Temperatures have been awful (by my standards), with even a dip into the (gasp) 40’s projected for the weekend.

For the most part, I’ve been able to put up with the chilly 76 or so my house gets in the daytime and then crawl under my most excellent comforter during the freezing night.

Because I am so loathe to use the heater.

Electric central heat is the worst. It’s dry. It’s bad smelly (from dust) as opposed to good smelly (from wood). And it’s mostly ineffective.

But…this morning the house was 71 and I could no longer hold out. On came the heater and ick went my body in response. First, my eyes began drying out. Then my nose began drying out. Finally, I gave up and turned the heat off after gaining only a measly 2 degrees.

I can’t sleep with the heat on because of those body-affecting changes, which means I’ve just got to suffer with the miserable cold.

Because, even though cold is my second least favorite thing in life, the only thing worse is heat.

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