The mystery of the disappearing blog

the mystery of the disappearing blog or why I've been away from posting for so long.

Okay, we may be done with the overall ennui posts, but there’s still some housekeeping to do before we hit full JMD stride in Ramblings. With that said, let’s discuss my reasons for the mystery of the disappearing blog.

How hard can a little writing be?

Fair question. First off, it’s not that little. Over 1,250 posts so far. Even given my sporadic efforts this year, I’m still averaging over 125 posts a year. And that’s before I get back up to speed.

It’s a lot of writing. Seriously, sometimes even I don’t realize how much (as we’ll discuss in Friday’s post). And, sadly, that also means there can be some repetition. I mean, who is going to really scour 1,250+ posts to make sure they haven’t said the same thing before.

Investing in the IDEA index

I have plenty of new ideas, though. A passel of them, in fact. I write them down on 3 x 5 index cards and cross them off as I post them. Currently, the card in front of me has – wait, let me count – nine new topics.

The card is a mess by now, so I’ll need to transfer them to a new one shortly. Plus, every time I’m out on a walk, I can usually count on one or two new ideas popping up. Sometimes, I even remember them at the end of my walk.

So, yeah, lack of ideas isn’t what’s been keeping me “off the air”.

The man in the White House

Yes, this is the major reason (besides my ennui) that I haven’t been posting blogs. I am spending so much time resisting posting political topics that it’s sucked the enthusiasm out of me for posting anything at all.

The problem is, the political posts aren’t especially useful. They aren’t a conversation, so there is no immediate value to putting my opinions up in public. Any debate is done in “unreal” time.

Topically, I liken it to communication with space vessels. It takes “x” minutes for a message to reach them and “x” minutes to receive a reply. Rinse and repeat. That’s barely effective for communicating, let alone discussing.

Values vs. valuable

I recognize that, for Trump voters, they feel they are getting what they want. I’ve always tried to keep that understanding in my mind when I put out a political post. I really do try to be fair.

On the other side, I wonder if there is any “looking in the mirror” to recognize that, for example, some people are trading certain Christian values in favor of other Christian values.

If any of the Trump voters do see that point, how do they measure the trade-off? Which value is more valuable? The sacrifice of decency and respect for judges and legislation is hard for me to measure. I hope it’s at least hard for Trump supporters as well.

Given all that, I will add one more paragraph politically related and try to move past the subject, at least for the purposes of this blog.

Go back where you came from


I really hope no one reading this blog has this much hate in their heart. I don’t even care what label you want to use (racist, misogynist, etc.). It’s just hate.

Here are my few points:

Trump claims this is fair for all the “terrible and hateful” things the four representatives said about America. Except, that’s all Trump used to do (and to some extent, still does). It’s all out there in his campaign and the years before he ran for president. You would think he hated America.

Everyone complains about something wrong with our country. Everyone. Government, big business, big pharma, pay inequities and more are all targets for our ire. If everyone who complains about America had to “go back” somewhere, America would be empty.

Trump has issues with women and people of color. Although Trump never actually says any of these things directly to the women or people of color. There’s a word for that. I’ll let you decide the appropriate one.

Bottom line, no one likes criticism. Even constructive criticism can hurt. But, to suggest these representatives “hate America”? I wish I was speechless, honestly, but I fight back having too much to say.

Do I like some of the comments? Heck no. Do I agree with all of the statements? Again no. Do I expect better? Yes. From all parties.

Look, even if I put the most forgiving spin on the situation, Trump complained constantly about America and ran for office to effect change. That is exactly what these representatives did. It’s a uniquely and wonderfully American thing to do.

Trump should do what he never does. He should apologize.

And now for something completely different

So, that’s it. My last blog post about politics for a long while.

I have a plan and a commitment directed towards the election in November of next year. I will focus my non-writing life to that end.

With my family and friends, I will still discuss (and likely argue) about politics and beliefs, but those will be in real time and have beginnings and endings. And we will still remain family and friends, despite (occasionally) some vast differences.

But, as for this blog, I’m done. It’s not fun and it’s not productive. Those of you who still want to engage, well, the website has an email function. Or social media connections. But it’s gone from the blog at least until late next year.

The mystery of the disappearing blog

And now you know. That’s all that’s really been keeping me back.

If that doesn’t seem like a big reveal for the mystery of the disappearing blog, I can only say it’s a difficult thing to explain the creative mind. It works differently for everyone.

In my case, the blood pressure-raising events on the socio-political scene have blocked the free flow of the (sometimes) amusing and (sometimes) imaginative musings I have been throwing onto this blog for the past 10 years.

I’m looking forward to getting back to those ramblings again. Starting with tomorrow’s post about writing more books!

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