The mysterious return of the mixed blessing


Despite all the recent turmoil over Facebook’s responsibility and transparency, that’s not the hottest I’ve been about the social platform. Nope, I’ve had more pressing personal and professional grievances. Unexplained changes vexed me. And now arrives the mysterious return of the mixed blessing.

I can take you back to just a few short weeks ago. My tale is short, in retrospect. Even shorter with the blog link adjacent. But, in summary, after 7 years of posting little daily quotes, Facebook changed their search program.

Who took my stuff?

What this means to me, is simply this: I can’t look up old posts easily. And that means I can’t quickly verify if I’ve used a quote before. I know you faithful Facebook fans depend on my being original every day.

I may fail at that, but not due to repeating quotes!

And then, without fanfare (or ever a reply from my contact to Facebook), search showed up again today. By year. And month. So now, despite seven years of drivel, I can quickly locate the last time I posted a quote on, say, journalism (as in today’s feature).

So, why is this a mixed blessing? Well, to tell the truth, I had gotten quite content to not post a quote every morning. They’re more taxing than it might seem at first. And today’s quote is the perfect example.

Finding a spanking fresh quote about journalism, I set off in search of the image to use. This is where the real work comes in on these daily quotes. I will look up the word and view images. Then, if not satisfied, similar words or phrases. Finally, I’ll just go for something I think will fit.

Today, while viewing images, a perfect picture formed in my head. It was a scene from one of my all-time favorite movies, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

In the scene, the Boy Rangers back home try to get out the truth about Jefferson Smith, using their little hand-run newspaper. Of course, political thugs come in and wreck their operation, knock over their newsstands and actually terrorize little kids. All to protect the political engine (nothing like that would ever happen in real life, right, Stormy?)

The scene I had in mind was the one where the thugs were wrecking the newsstand. It would have been perfect for the quote. I spent 20 full minutes on the internet to no avail. Finally, I picked what I picked.

Now, multiply that by five. Okay, maybe I don’t go through a brain drain every quote, but these aren’t simply “grab the first pic you see” jobs. I put real grey matter behind it!

So, yeah, the search function is back and that means the daily quotes are back. I have no idea why it was removed. Just as I have none about why it’s back. One more inexplicable Facebook puzzle: the mysterious return of the mixed blessing.

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