The man with no plan


no planMy current writing project is not proceeding as planned. That’s not a surprise, since I haven’t got anything planned for it at present.

So far, I’ve got my germ of an idea and some characters. I’ve also got some character motivations, but as to what motivated those motivations, I’m still unsure.

I’ve mapped out a simple backstory and that is a problem because it’s a complex idea. And I came up with a working title…and then came up with seven or eight more. I’ve got a prologue and either chapter one or some other chapter written.

Basically, I’m writing this like an improv at a comedy theater – trying to be a hit or at least not get booed off the stage. Even worse, I’ve no prepared material; I’m just winging it.

I have no idea where I’m going with the story, though I feel comfortable with my lead character. I haven’t decided whether he’s a hero or a victim, either.

All of this makes me either extremely comfortable or terribly nervous. Or both.

There have been writing efforts I’ve constructed like this before. I work on whatever piece of the tale that comes to me and either assemble the pieces into a whole or reassemble them into some sort of order.

As such, there’s no pressure and there’s intense impatience. It’s all part of the no plan.

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