The lure of the internet


Last month, I spent an inordinate amount of time on a new forum. Chatting. Discussing. Posting. Eventually, my body decayed and lack of food and sleep caused me to die of malnutrition. Okay, the last part is only a probability, but it does paint the lure of the internet.

The danger is greater for someone like me, i.e., a dinosaur. I access the internet primarily through my trusty desktop. That makes me a sedentary internet kibitzer.

Yes, I have a “smart” phone. No, I do not use it much for internet reading and writing. I find those little touch-screen keys to be immensely annoying, especially for someone with high-speed typing skills.

Even on texts, I will switch to voice dictation and speak slowly and clearly. Anything to avoid going in to manually correct words that are “misheard”.

But, as with many things I enjoy, I tend to get maniacal about it. As the saying goes, “Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.”

And, as friends and relatives are not shy in telling me, I can chatter a whole bunch. As in stream of consciousness. Otherwise known as, “Oh, did you want to say something, too?”

So, it’s no surprise that when I get going on forums and other venues (such as Discord), I can be occupied for, well, a long time.

During which, life passes by.

Then, I observe the smart phone zombies out there and it shakes me back to reality. I put a clamp on my forum activities recently. Now, I am only a “drive by” commenter, limiting my time on the internet to short spurts before moving on.

The change has helped me refine my comments, as well. Now, I make my points swifter and with fewer side comments. Would that my family and friends received the same consideration!

I think I now have it regulated to a point that my chatting time is under control. I still spend considerable time reading articles on the internet, but I don’t view that the same way as chatting and posting.

For the time being, then, I feel I have mastered the lure of the internet.

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