The leg bone connected to the…well, nothing, really


bonesI’ve been out bone collecting today, which makes me pretty happy.

Halloween is just a few weeks away, my landscaping is all cleared and the lawn service, conveniently, just finished with the mowing and edging today. Couldn’t have everything time out more perfectly.

I try to introduce something new to my display each year. I’ve mentioned (or I think I have) that I picked up a couple of new mini-inflatables (3-footers) for the yard, but I was mulling over something more creative than just new lights and blow-ups.

When I saw the black mulch at Lowe’s, I got a brainstorm. Combined with the extra tombstones I picked up at Dollar Tree, I thought I could create an aggressive graveyard “moat” around my fog machine/doorway entrance.

I won’t describe the whole scene that’s currently in my head; I’m not even sure I can realize it out front. But I recognized that I was going to need a whole heckuva lot more bones. And skulls. And other graveyard type stuff.

Of course, I couldn’t resist picking up more hanging stuff for the trees and the monofilament line, so there’s that, too.

Now, there are some big risks ahead, such as a whole week of supposed thunderstorms. This type of display will be especially susceptible to rain and wind. I’ve got to get started on it, though, just to see if I can pull it off.

It may turn out I still need to do even more bone collecting, all the while humming madly, “bones, bones, bones…”

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