The jungles of Man


jungle of manTwo weeks.  Jeez, only two weeks!

I’m working through my “countdown task list” of the things I need to do before leaving my home for 2+ months.  Today was cutting back the front jungle and creating as much room in the storage closet as possible.

Soon, though, it will be the other jungle I have to travel through…the most dangerous adventure of my life.

I mentioned recently the concern my Dad and Stepmom have for me as my Great North American Baseball Road Trip looms.  While I don’t share their trepidation, it would be foolish for me not to have some caution about the extensive travels ahead of me.

While not quite a stranger in a strange land, there is no question local customs and mores differ within America, sometimes widely.

And there will be no hiding my “tourist” nature; in order for me to do the best job I can documenting the GNABRT, I’ll have to be wandering around strange cities taking pictures of all sorts of things.  It won’t be as cliché as the old camera around the neck, but it will be pretty obvious.

Will that make me a “target”?  Does that attract the “bad people”?  Can’t say until I start traveling, I guess.

I’ve always believed in trusting until given a reason otherwise.  As I’ve matured, I’ve also added an assumption of innocence to people’s actions.  It helps with maintaining a happy life and, if needed later, with forgiveness.

That doesn’t mean I’m reckless.  If I have to admit it, I’m probably a bit of a coward.  It’s what makes me most surprised (and proud) of my commitment to go on the GNABRT.  I should probably give myself a little more credit.

So, as I travel through the jungles of man, I will trust to the innate goodness of people and continue to believe, as I have always believed, that if you expect good things to happen, more often than not, they do.

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