The internet says the darndest things


I wanted to research an abstruse question this morning and therefore typed it into my browser, up came 233,000 results. For an abstruse question.

Asking a generally obvious question, such as, “Why is summer warmer than winter?”, generated 2,060,000 results.

Chief among both searches are excellent answers from reputable sources. Further scrolling leads to some rather squirrelly replies from random sources.

The internet should always give us pause at least once in while to consider the amazing amalgam of human knowledge and opinion now available to us…whether we want it or not.

Social media often serves as Exhibit 1 for all things goofy about the internet, but it’s the actual existence of every thought, small or large, of everyone, unknown or important, that truly astounds.

Just think: every old joke that has ever been told is probably on the net. Total strangers will tell you their personal story, meal choices and bowel issues at the click of a mouse.

With the increasing use of computers by younger children, the unique wisdom of the inexperienced is becoming more available to us.

As such, sometimes a search brings up the most bizarre results, causing me to shake my head and reword my query.

Mistyping and poor grammar create some joyous and fingernail-on-blackboard moments. Most of it just stays there, floating in cyberspace, the original poster too bored, oblivious or misguided to take it down.

Whole rants on personal blogs, websites, social media and other internet “caches” create a level of inanity that even Art Linkletter would shrink from considering.

I’m willing to bet that, despite careful editing and consideration of anything I put out for virtual dispersal, there’s probably something out there from me that would make me cringe.

Henceforth, I will call that category of wince-inducing moments “covfefe”.

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