The heck with going green

the heck with going green - too tiring to obey all the rules needed to get a "green" seo rating on blog posts

Starting off with a Captain Obvious statement: the internet is vast. Sites, blogs and comments fill the bandwidth. Getting noticed is the key goal for many, but for me, I’m now saying the heck with going green.

The heck with topical headlines

Thanks to some software added to my website, my blog posts can now be “rated” as to how effective the SEO (search engine optimization) is.

Don’t worry, I’m not going into a long and likely boring explanation about what that is. The short version: it’s supposed to help web activity get “noticed”. Whatever that may actually mean.

So, the software makes me write headlines that thematically can flow through the entire post. And, if I do it (and other things) right, I get a “green” rating on my post.

The thing is, I liked my old style, where the headline was either inscrutable or a punchline, for which you had to read through the post to “get it”.

So, I feel like heading back to the old ways and the heck with going green.

The heck with repetitive subheadings

Yeah, you’ve seen that a lot over the last few months that I’ve had this software. Bleh.

According to the brains behind this program, referencing words or phrases from the headline in the subheads within the post improves the SEO “score” and gets me another green check mark.

But, jeepers, it just sounds dumb and restrictive. I don’t feel creative at all with this “technique” and I’m pretty fed up using it…so, the heck with going green on that, too.

Insert another one somewhere; no, wait, too many

Oh yeah, that’s another real bother.

So, the software says to add the “keyphrase” multiple times in the post. And, it recommends the keyphrase match the headline. Wha?

Broken record much? And here’s the kicker: you can’t just add it over and over, ’cause that’s gonna get you a red mark. No, you have to figure out the abstruse Goldilocks solution on where and how often to add it.

Nope, to heck with going green there as well.

To heck with fame

I’ve mentioned frequently that when I wrote my books, I never expected and wasn’t even certain I wanted to be hugely successful.

Sure, I did what I was supposed to. I built the website, started a blog and did some meager attempts at marketing. But, it was always a tepid attempt to make my books known.

I enjoyed writing them and, to a lesser extent, publishing them. And, they’re okay. Nothing that’s particularly noteworthy and filled with the rookie writing mistakes of a first-timer. But, I had fun and some people liked them.

And, through the books, I managed to interact with a number of nice people along the way. For a hermit-like man-child like me, that is more rewarding than I’m likely to ever convey.

Now, I still write, though not with the same explosive fire energizing me. I get two or three chapters done and set the project(s) aside for a time. And I’m good with that.

To heck with going green

But my blog is for me goofing around. An “elective” read for people who happened to stop by. I specifically named it “Ramblings” to inform people it was not going to be topical.

“Real” writers have blogs about, well, writing. Theirs and/or others’. For me, the blog is about stuff I might actually talk with to people I know while at a ball game or waiting for a movie to start. In other words, totally random.

So, what’s the purpose of trying to get SEO attention when there’s no consistency in the material? I do not mean for the material to have purpose, so the question above is irrelevant.

And that’s why I now say the heck with going green. I’ll always check the “scores” of my blog posts, but I’m done with formulaic following of statistical correlations of data. No matter how smart the program may be.

Back to utter ramblings for yours truly.

Post note: This post got a green rating. Of course it did. Sigh.

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