The greatest show on (American) earth!


Pop the popcorn! Grab the munchies! Put new batteries in the remote! It’s election night in America – the greatest show on (American) earth!

Get your votes in, if you haven’t already

I went this morning, at 7 am, and there were lines to the parking lot already. Excellent! Maybe all the reasons aren’t as pure as civic and patriotic duty, but the turnout is welcome nonetheless.

Most employers do make allowances for the need to vote. Most schools are on a teacher work day. Figure out how to make that extra time in your day and make your opinion matter.

No other real distractions

We’re past Monday Night Football. There are no playoffs or special movie premieres. It’s clear sailing to spend a little time “watching politics”.

In fact, it’s likely you’ll see little else beginning around 7 pm Eastern time. Sure, you could pop in a video or stream something, but this is a seminal election, so it might serve you well to get a little color on the results.

Spread yourself around

I’ll have my trusty remote in hand with my short list programmed to FOX, MSNBC and CNN. Best to sample a wide range of commentary and opinion as the night progresses.

Yes, FOX and MSNBC are clearly out of the impartial box and CNN can sometimes get seduced by the sensational, but, the three together probably capture most of the opinions across America,

There is no winning or losing

You’ve made your choice. So have tens of millions of your fellow Americans. The results will be the results, regardless of what you think of them. Just like in 2016. Just like in every election ever counted.

The only guarantee is that half the country will think they won and the other half that they lost. It’s not true, of course, since the system is set up to measure the will of the people, even more directly than the presidential election.

Still, try to resist gloating or moping. Because, In everyday life, we are the ones who make the world a better place. It’s only by snail-like progress that anything happens in D.C. So, take the opportunity tomorrow to, if not congratulate the “other side”, to at least not fight.

The greatest show on (American) earth

It’s really something, this democracy thing we started here, 240+ years ago. From the battle for independence to the creation of a Constitution to voting rights for all genders and races.

And, while the excesses in spending (think what all those hundreds of millions could do for our country if not spent on mail, phone and TV) have gotten ridiculous, still it’s a format that gives everyone a voice.

The greatest show on (American) earth will be going on all day today. Perhaps even, in some states, for weeks afterwards, considering how close many races are.

Get your vote in, grab that remote and settle back to watch the circus!

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