The graves always appear at the end


Everything ends. All things pass. There is no real dispute over this. It’s the same with me, of course. Just more involved. Because I have more reasons why the graves always appear at the end.

Working my way up the driveway

The hard part is done, right? Laying all those edging stones. Setting up all those skeletons. Laying all those lights. After all that, the little area next to the house must be easy!

Eh, have you been following along at all this Halloween season? ‘Taint nothing easy about my front landscaping area.

What landscaping area?

Not something I wanted to do myself

Exactly. As I’ve noted in a couple of previous posts, I tackled that “problem” all by myself, though that was not my original intention.

But, that was not the only complication regarding that surprisingly large area in front of my house. By removing all those plants, I left myself with a massive area to fill. And not enough bones, skulls and tombstones to fill it.

So, get some more bones, skulls and tombstones

Not so fast, bunky! Turns out, that late in the season, there ‘twern’t many bones, skulls and tombstones to be found.

Credit the retail stores for doing a better job ordering this Halloween. They weren’t going to get caught packing up a lot of Halloween excess and having to shove it on the top of their storeroom racking.

Of course, that meant visiting a few stores to get what I needed. But, I eventually managed enough to pull off the effect.

My first battle with Mom Nature

She’s been real good to me this season. No rain, cooler temperatures (my BBQ guests were most appreciative of the latter). But she did start up a bit yesterday, causing me concern for the first time.

Wind. Not brutal, but enough to lift those lightweight styrofoam tombstones and move them around. It took some blackened fingers, but I was able to work enough mulch over them that I believe they will stay put for the remaining three days.

The graves always appear at the end

One of the reasons I do the graveyard last is that it is usually the easiest. Not as much this time, especially if you take into account the carpenter ant attack.

Still, the expanded area is (I think) extra spooky, with some red LED mood lighting to give it a nice devilish feel.

I think there might still be a little touch up I have to do (maybe more lights), but I am essentially finished with the front landscaping. Now that I fully understand the spatial parameters going forward, I think my future plans will still allow that the graves always appear at the end.

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