The fog! The Fog!


the fog<Those of you familiar with Fantasy Island should imagine Tattoo calling out the above to Mr. Roarke>

My love of life here in South Florida is without compare. It’s embedded in many of the posts on this blog. I’ll not repeat the litany of reasons once more.

There is, though, a certain lack this time of year. South Florida has many things to speak highly of, but it has only two seasons: Summer and Late Summer.

When Fall and Winter arrive, our only notification is in the ads from the retail stores (and the massive influx of snowbirds).

Nature shrugs dismissively at the “changes”. Our leaves turn from green to, well, green. The only white flurries in the air are salt flecks from the ocean breezes. Not exactly the classic “White Christmas”.

We do get one warning that the season has finally changed. Because of our all-day, everyday humidity, Late Summer is our time for fog.

While nowhere as pea-soupish as some other areas of the country, we can definitely have fully obscured roads (especially where I live, out west near the Everglades). That’s no fun.

Regular ground fog during my walks, however, is lots of fun.

I’m fortunate to have both an empty, undeveloped grassy lot and the middle school’s baseball fields on the first part of my big morning circuit. Pair that up with Late Summer “coolish” temperatures and I get to wade through some moody mists to start my walk.

It’s made even more fun because of my predawn departure, the darkness adding to the atmosphere.

I must admit, I will tend to act much like a kid in the sprinklers when I’m walking in the wee-hours fog. The rare driver who might see me through the fog no doubt presses his accelerator that much harder.

Of course, some of those days, the temperature may drop into the low 60’s. At that point, it is too cold for yours truly to go walking, so I will just have to content myself to looking out into my 100-yard wide shared “backyard” and calling out to no one, “The fog! The fog!”

Not necessarily in Tattoo’s signature voice, though.

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