The first cut is the deepest…


…but the second hurts pretty bad, too.

Okay, relax, this isn’t going to be one of those tear-jerkers about my broken heart (it’s actually doing pretty okay these days). But it is one of many tears.

As you all know, perhaps too much at his point, I’ve recently taken to cooking as a Russian political operative to hacking. I’ve even exceeded my meager one new recipe a month challenge, so much fun have I been having.

But there are costs, and more than simply monetary. Here is where those tears come in.

First, the obvious. Based on my personal predilection for spicy foods, every recipe I’ve created this year has required onions. Sometimes, lots of onions. For example, my most recent foray was fajitas.

Nummy! But, three onions later, I had some tears to shed. And some blood. And the twain, in this case, met.

Part of my (apparently continual) upgrade to my kitchen resources has been a systematic replacing of my blades. First, there was the new 10″ Chef’s blade. Then there was the new 4″ paring knife. And then the never-before-owned 6″ boning blade.

Everything these things touch they go through like butter.


So it was that I sliced the pointer finger on my right hand holding those self-same onions for my recent Jamaican Jerk chicken. That was the paring knife.

Then, making the fajitas earlier this week, I was positioning my hand to begin some onion slicing again and the Chef’s blade whispered past that same finger. I mean, I wasn’t even cutting yet, just moving into position and it couldn’t even be called a “glancing blow”, but yikes!, there was more blood.

Good grief. Either I’ve never been clumsy before or my previous knives were a lot more dull than I realized!

Obviously, I survived. Even to the point that I am able to type without impairment (to be fair, the cuts were on the side of my finger, not the tips). But, boy, am I going to have to be especially careful about these knives.

On the plus side, wow, do they cut stuff amazingly easy!

Ironically, in this case, the first cut was definitely the deepest (from that cute little paring blade, no less), but the second cut wasn’t fun either.

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