The Fifth Element


5tth elementThe title of the post refers to the movie of the same name, a fun picture I recommend highly for some good science fiction, tongue-in-cheek humor and neat special effects.  If you put Blade Runner on one end of the spectrum and Galaxy Quest on the other (leaving out Spaceballs entirely), I would say this movie is more than halfway to the Galaxy Quest side.  Think Die Hard in space.

The reference to the movie will become clear in a bit, but first, the “meat” of the post.  As it stands this morning (when I am typing this), I’m already 16 chapters into Book 3.  That’s around two-thirds done…at least by virtue of my chapter layout.  My page count so far is a ripe 70.

“Great Scott!” You probably exclaim.  Or maybe that’s only in comic books.  “Holy Moley!” Eh…maybe not.  “Good Grief?”  Maybe just “get on with it!”   Now, the two facts listed in the previous paragraph might bring up the following questions:

Are you doing a graphic novel, where pictures take up the rest of the book?  Nup.

Do you have so little to write in the final book it’s only going to be a magazine?  Nup.

Is it going to be like 60 chapters of four pages each?  Nup.

What’s this, some sort of math thing, 240 pages for Book 1, 170 for Book 2 and 100 for Book 3?  Nup.

Have you been snowing us with that book meter thingy?  Mebbe.

Settle down, kiddies, and I’ll tell you a story…

To quote from Return of the Jedi…”Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen” (though I’ll skip the evil laugh).  When I wrote book one, I did an outline of my story and then wrote the chapters from that outline.  The written chapters ran around 100 pages and that book was 32 chapters.  By the time I was through, the book was over 300 pages (eventually cut down to 240).

Now let’s head back to my Fifth Element reference.  The picture in question shows the beginning of a computer reconstruction of an entire body from a remaining hand.  By the time the machines were done, they had a perfect being (more than that I won’t divulge).  The parallel is nearly exact, if you substitute me for the machines and my chapters for the remaining hand.

It’s yet another “throwback” way of writing.  My chapters are likely to be finished next month and then the rewriting/editing will build it up the following month.  Finally, a last editing will take place and then the book should be ready to go.

As you can see, there’s nothing to worry about here.  It’s all proceeding as I have…well, you get the picture.  Now as for the book meter, well, that’s grist for another post.  (Y’know, I think I’ll cue up that evil laughter, after all.)

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