The end of my life as I know it


It’s all true. This is neither hyperbole nor melodrama. I have “crossed over” from my life of peace and tranquility. Now, I am in a horrible land that too many others have gone before me. Truly, this is the end of my life as I know it.

Last week was a waste. This was due to the sacrificing of my soul. The recompense was immense, mind you. I did not get cheated. But, now, as always, the payment comes due.

The last vestige of the Tree of Doom

Surely, most of you are aware of my Tree of Doom. For those of you on vacation or on another plane of reality, I draw your attention to the right area, where you can click and follow the long, branching paths to my final resting place.

Of course, in order to ensure that happy day, I had to make those decisions that will lead to the end of my life as I know it.

Specifically, I joined the board of directors for my Homeowner’s Association (HOA). Thus did the all the joy drain from my life. Black and white even sapped. All that is left is gray and sadness.

For, no sooner did I join the board, than did the political bickering begin. This person about that person. These changes aren’t getting done fast enough. This person is not responsive.


So, tonight, I go to my fourth HOA-related meeting in just one week! Ye gods!

The current (new) president wants to “clean up” the HOA. Basically, that translates into firing the current property manager/management company and hiring a new one. This is her agenda.

Roped in as I am (along with one other new board member), I am resisting the steamrolling, if only to get all the supporting facts. I’m not averse to replacing the current property management team, but I sure won’t do it without proper backup and paperwork.

Funny thing, though. If, ultimately, we do end up replacing the current property manager and company, it will mean that my vague “threat” in my final letter about my tree proved more prescient than even I imagined.

Such minor comfort must warm me as the cold realization of what I have done to my formerly peaceful retired life becomes more evident.

I have reached the end of my life as I know it.

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