The deflatables


2016-inflatablesWith no due respect to this presidential election, I must admit that half of my Halloween inflatable decorations can be put in a basket of deflatables.

I’m nearly done with the major decorations around the front of the house. The last significant design element is my collection of inflatables. After that, just some emphasis lights and mood-enhancing webs should be left to do.

Because of the Dead Thing Pen and a shift away from stringing lights to creating more “scenes”, I’ve been left with the whole north “lawn” (really, just a strip of grass and a tree between me and my neighbor) for inflatables.

The positive of this situation is that I can probably add one or two new inflatables, giving me more opportunity to continue Halloween decoration shopping. Always welcome!

The negative, not related to the design changes, is that two of my inflatables are wheezing.

Okay, maybe not actually wheezing. Not even hissing. But I can definitely feel air leaking out from the seams of a couple of guys, most notably my ghostly rider (wah!).

There’s only so much even the supernaturally useful duct tape can solve.

I don’t know if I can coax another year out of these guys or if next year will see an entirely new lineup. Either way, it looks like the budget for next Halloween is going to be heavily weighted on new inflatables and a possible retiring of the great ghostly rider.

That’s seriously deflating.

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