The day after


Hey! It’s Christmas! That means tomorrow is nearly here! It’s my favorite day of the season – the day after!

Since we’re Jewish, it’s understandable Christmas isn’t a “home” holiday. Indeed, though I’ll be picking up my Dad and Stepmom to head to my sister’s today for dinner, it’s more just a get together, since no one’s working. But it’s not about celebrating the holiday. Although, family getting together is worth celebrating any time of the year.

So, given my non-religious, non-family tradition Christmas Day, it’s no wonder that the big day for me is the day after Christmas. I give you three crass reasons why, in today’s tiny blog post:

Music to my ears

My radio stations return on the day after. Oh gosh, no more Christmas music!

In all truth, there are some Christmas songs I find delightful. I just don’t need to hear them 67 times in a 17-day span. So, I’ll be happy to have my full range of stations back when I’m “driving” through South Florida traffic.

I cannot tell a lie

I rush out early on the day after to get my chocolate covered cherries.

Yes, I’m a chocoholic. And at 50% off on the day after, you can bet my habit is beyond resisting. If there are some Turtles still left in the Christmas section, I’m on those. too!

Boxing day

Or, probably more accurately, boxed cards day. Yup, those darling scenes of snow-dappled houses, jolly snowmen and various other warm-wishing designs are also in the 50% off section. You just can’t have too many boxed cards in your card drawer when it comes to the holiday season! (Yes, Virginia, they also have Hanukkah cards on sale)

Sure, I have to brave the mass hysteria mobs also rushing to the store to return goods or cash their gift cards, but I’m a relaxed person. I have no stress at all on the day after…

…unless someone is trying to get that last box of chocolate covered cherries before me!

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